A New Year staff meeting

Author:liza Source:GV4A Time:2015-1-6

"A New Year begins, a new starting point for a new journey has been under our feet!" This is general manager Mr Luo New Year staff meeting opening in 2015, hundreds of thousands of employees Mr Luo loudly told the meeting: "although we made a good grades in last year, we have to be proud, but I see road, we must constantly pioneering spirit, constantly set new goals, constantly valiant toward new goals forward..."

General manager of articulate speech, inspired many staff's morale, for a New Year filled with expectation, you expect in this year to create new miracles. Why is the new miracle? Because in 2014, the company's performance compared to the increased by more than 200%, this in the context of current economic generally are not optimistic, in the increasingly competitive environment, such achievements, isn't it a miracle?

At the conference, the company summed up the achievements and deficiencies in the last year, and prospects the development prospect of this year, finally has a large number of excellent employees. Of course the real awards at the upcoming annual meeting...


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