How to buy ultrasonic cleaners

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The choose and buy a ultrasonic cleaners for the first time contact with this kind of equipment, it is difficult indeed. How to choose a suitable ultrasonic cleaning machine? Below by our elite salesman liu, from his point of view to explain this to the customers.

 ultrasonic cleaners

Hello, I am responsible for the Beijing market enough technology salesman prince jing of chengyang, I engaged in ultrasonic cleaning machine sales job for nearly five years, began to also don't know anything about the machine, through constant time to the accumulation of experience, said slowly familiar with this simple and complex, said complex and simple. Said it simply because of its basic principle is very simple, but it is also very complex, because of its application field is more, involves a lot of technology.

But these are not important, the first time to buy customers, need not too concerned about, as long as know to clean the workpiece and the size and quantity of these factors. We've enough technology salesman will choose a suitable model for you. Of course, some customers like to know more about the more familiar with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, that is right, don't want to buy the shady.

So, before buying must first understand the machine cleaning tank volume and size. Because this is the most important, you know, the workpiece is placed in the cleaning tank cleaning inside, if the size doesn't fit, it may cause not put, or is too big. The size of the slot, our website have specific parameters of every models. To note, however, is not really just fine, especially the standard machine, for cleaning trough are punching groove, the edges are circular arc, small size will be about 1 mm.

The second is the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. In general 40 KHZ is more general, applicable to the hardware, circuit boards, beaker, jewelry, artifacts such as organic glass cleaning. But some special cases need lower or higher frequency, which requires special customization. The lower the frequency of cleaning degree of more extensive, but the strength is stronger, the higher the more delicate, strength is weak.

The other is power, in fact, most of the size of the power is to be decided according to the size of the cleaning trough, standard machine has a corresponding configuration, don't have to worry about power size problem. Only custom machine, sometimes want to consider to shake head to ensure that the cleaning effect, the number of these can ask enough technology, expert advice would be more appropriate.

There is material problem, a lot of customers are more attention of ultrasonic cleaning machine of stainless steel material, because there are many kinds of stainless steel, some profiteers may be used to compare the materials of shoddy, this is to note. The suggest that we try to choose when buy name-brand computer, quality guaranteed. Don't showed, so as to avoid subsequent trouble in operation and maintenance, do more harm than good.

In general these, if you have questions, can ask our customer service.

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