The working principle of ultrasonic cleaners

Author:UL Source:original Time:2014-12-26

Using high frequency ultrasound, through the transducer is converted into kinetic energy in high frequency, and then applied to the liquid medium in cleaning tank, causes the liquid to produce cavitation effect, constant form thousands of tiny air bubbles, and promptly burst, a shock impact object surface, the surface dirt off, thus to achieve the cleaning effect. 

Ultrasonic cleaners working principle

First, understand first what is the ultrasonic? Scientists will the number of vibrations per second is called the frequency of the sound, it is the unit of Hertz (Hz). We human ears can hear the sound wave frequency of 20 hz ~ 20000 hz (20 KHZ). When the sound wave vibration frequency is less than 20 hz or when more than 20 KHZ, we can't hear you. Therefore, we called the acoustic frequency is higher than 20000 Hertz "ultrasonic". Here, many people in the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, hear the buzz, it was the voice of the ultrasound, but it was only sound produced liquid under the effect of cavitation.

Ultrasonic how to form? Produced by ultrasonic sound device. Ultrasonic generator is the core component of ultrasonic cleaning machine, also called ultrasonic drive power supply, electronic box, ultrasonic controller, is an important part of high power ultrasonic system. Its role is to convert the mains to match the ultrasonic transducer of high frequency ac electric signal, drive the ultrasonic transducer work. High-power ultrasonic power supply from the conversion efficiency into consideration generally take the form of switch power supply circuit. Ultrasonic power can be divided into self-excited and it excited power, autonomous power called ultrasonic analog power, which is called ultrasonic generator excitation type power.

We could understand the ultrasonic transducer. Can change is to convert the ultrasonic frequency can mechanical shock, this part is a little similar to phone vibrator, in the high frequency ultrasound, driven by transducer frequency vibration hundreds of thousands of times per second, the vibration is passed on to the clasp in the cleaning tank above, through the transfer of kinetic energy to the cleaning trough groove in the liquid. Under the high frequency vibration, the liquid will produce cavitation.

On the cavitation effect:
Cleaning tank of liquid under the high frequency vibration under the impact of a sharp formed the vacuum air bubbles, the bubbles under the vibration quickly burst, and then closed again, the air bubble produced a strong shock wave, in an instant by closed air bubbles generated around 1012-1013 pa pressure, the equivalent of 100 kilograms of things pressure in one square metre of land. And, in fact, the area of the workpiece are extremely small, so you can imagine the impact strength is very strong. In such a strong impact, the dirt on the surface of the workpiece, stripped, and ultimately achieve the purpose of cleaning. Due to the strong strength, some metal surface will become even more smooth and shining, which is why the ultrasonic cleaning machine very popular in the hardware industry, because hardware by ultrasonic cleaning after a wash, such as new, shiny, looks very good.

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